Specialist in Online Chartered Accounting Services for
Wellington Consultants & Contractors
.. in IT, Film & Corporate Roles 
.. including your other related/other tax compliance

Providing a professional one-on-one 
NZ tax compliance service,
 100% cloud based
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  • Currently taking  new clients by referral only sorry 
  • Not taking new clients with  crypto-currency holdings  
    (Except under certain strict portfolio mgmt scenarios due to complexity of IRD's current realised gains calculation requirement.  Call me to discuss.)
      email me:   matt@microtax.co.nz    .. anytime re a (no obligation) query or quote.  
    Or call/text:      landline:   +64 (0)4 889 2027        mobile/text:   +64 (0)27 4707800 
    Monthly* Fixed Fee Packages (ex GST):  

    >  Small Trading/Consulting Business  from $125
            (ie. Business selling products, multiple owners/freelancers or with staff/subcontractors)
    • incl'g as below.  Add Xero subs (as req'd)
    • Discount rates: Nil payroll & <$10k stock rules: $110* p/m*, and Non-GST reg'd: $95* p/m*, and <$30k sales: $75 p/m*

    >  Individual Freelancer/Consultant  from $95
            (ie. Multiple clients at a time and/or based at own "primary workplace")
    • incl'g as below.  Add Xero subs (as req'd)
    • Discount rates: Non-GST reg'd or <$30k sales: $75 (or both: $59) p/m* 

    >  Direct/Fixed Role Contractor  from $75
            (ie. Single NZ client at a time and/or "primary workplace" at their location)
    • incl'g as below, plus custom invoicing template
    • Discount rates: Non-GST reg'd or <$30k inc: $59 (or both: $49) p/m* 
    >  Agency/Film Contractor  from $59
            (ie. W/h tax deductions on all income, no provisional tax and no invoicing req'd)
    • Receipt Bank app (worth $19.95)
    • Custom Google Drive tax calc's & forecasting template
    • Discount rates: Non-GST reg'd or <$30k income: $45 (or both: $35) p/m* 

    Packages include: 

    • SETUP & ONGOING ASSISTANCE via phone, email, text or video call
    • TAX AGENCY extension of filing due dates and liaising with IRD & ACC on your behalf 
    • ANNUAL ACCOUNTS preparation incl'g Companies Act & Trust Law requirements (as applicable)
    • DRAFTING and/or FILING all tax types returns on your behalf
    • PROACTIVE advice re relevant new tax/compliance risks & law changes
    • Not Included: IRD Audit compliance.  Refer options below

    Additional/Other Rates:   (all amounts p/mth & excl'g GST)

    • Residential Rental / BNB Income  as per Agency Contractor GST/non-GST full/discount rates above (per property).  Add Xero subs as req'd.
    • Minimum Rate  single fee pa from $395 incl'g GST 
      • Basic PAYE and/or Passive Investment only returns etc
      • Custom Google Drive tax calc's template incl'd
      • For passive trusts add minimum rate Xero Ledger plan and any additional beneficiary returns as per below

    General Charges & Adjustments:  
    •  + Xero Subscription: 
      • Standard Plan +$60
      • Starter/GST Cashbook Plans +$27.50
      • Non-GST Cashbook & Ledger Plans +$15
    •  + Company, Partnership or Trust Structure:  
      • +$15
         per s'holder/partner/beneficiary personal returns
      • POA: Non-Tax Reporting, Ltd Partnerships, Overseas Income/Trustees etc
    •  + 2 Monthly GST Filing: 
      • ie. 6 Monthly Filing included in base fees
      • +$25
          2 Monthly Filing Period
        • +$15 additional using AIM prov tax system (2 mthly GST req'd) 
    •  + Priority Filing - Before 30 June 
      • from +10% added to base fee per mth (excl'g Xero subs) - TBC 
    •  + Mid-Year Review/Meetings: 
      • ie. Annual reporting/review included in base fees
      • +$25
          Mid-Year Business Review & Mgmt Reports
      • +$95  2 Monthly Review & Mgmt Reporting
    •  + Employees:   I use and recommend Thankyoupayroll.co.nz for PAYE compliance.
      • +$5 per employee per mth if you need annual check or occasional assistance with your Thankyou Payroll processes. 
    •  + Motor Vehicles:  
      • per Km rate method included 
      • +$7.50 for Actual Costs/Nil FBT method p/vehicle p/mth
      • +$15 for FBT payable scenarios p/vehicle p/mth
    •  + FIF Investments:  TBC additional for significant number of holdings
    •  + Other Tax Types:  FBT (other than vehicle), RWT, NRWT or AIL compliance from +$15 per item p/mth
    •  + All Other Advisory & Compliance Work (incl'g IRD Audits):  from $125 p/hr
      •  No-Risk IRD Audit Cover Option 
        • from +5% added to base fee per mth (excl'g Xero subs) - TBC per your scenario.

    * Monthly fixed fee plans apply per months with applicable income earned.  May include an additional one-off charge re past or transitional periods (eg. starting or ceasing self-employment in NZ).  Minimum of 6 months equivalent fee applies per tax year returns filed in all such situations.