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Specialist Online & Fixed Fee Chartered Accounting Services for:
  • Consultants / Freelancers
  • Corporate & Film Industry Contractors
  • Micro Enterprises
  • Landlords / Investors
  • Non-Residents
Welcome to microtax.co.nz -
Providing a private, professional and proactive
NZ tax compliance service to clients worldwide
.   Find more about Matt on LinkedIn here

Utilising 100% "cloud" 
technology for all client services including

Please don't hesitate to contact me for a free, no obligation chat re your business or tax compliance needs... however small.  

Why use a sole practitioner accountant?
  • No outsourcing or sharing of your private affairs with numerous persons unknown to you.
  • When you phone you talk to me every time.
  • No double-up charge-out rates for senior staff reviewing/re-doing junior errors at your expense.
      email:   matt@microtax.co.nz          skype:   matthewblair 
        landline:   +64 4 388 2277          mobile:   +64 27 4707800 

    Full Service & "DIY" Fixed Fee Packages (all $ excl'g GST):  
    >  Enterprise  incl'g Xero sub'n from  > $175 p/m*
          (ie. Businesses trading goods and/or with multiple owners or staff etc)
    >  Freelancer  (My Specialty) incl'g Xero sub'n from  > $125 p/m*         
          (ie. Consultants/freelancers with own workplace and/or multiple clients etc)
         Xero $25 plan from $95 p/m*
         Custom Google Drive template from $75 p/m*
         DIY Package from $49 p/m* 
    >  Contractor  incl'g Xero Starter sub'n from  > $75 p/m*
          (ie. Fixed earnings or schedular w/h tax income and workplace at client etc)
         Custom Google Drive template from $55 p/m*
         Non-GST reg'd from $40
         DIY Package from 
    $29 p/m*
    >  Investor  incl'g Xero Cashbook sub'n from  > $65 p/m*
          (ie. Passive earnings only)
         Re Residential Rentals - incl's first property.  Additional properties > 
    + $20 p/m
         Custom Google Drive template from $40 p/m*
         DIY Package from 
    $29 p/m*
    >  Non-Active  incl'g Xero Ledger sub'n from  > 
    $29 p/m*
          (ie. Nil taxable trust owning family home and non-active companies etc)

    Full Service Packages include: 

    • XERO SUBSCRIPTION or a customised GOOGLE APPS accounting template 
      • (including initial training & bookkeeping setup, regular reviews & guidance)
      • (Including extension of filing deadlines, liasing with IRD & ACC as required re all balances, transfers & dues). 
    • Preparation of ANNUAL ACCOUNTS and Companies Act compliance.  
    • E-FILING of Income Tax, GST and other relevant tax types (refer additional charges below).
    • TAX PAYMENTS reminders & planner
    • UNLIMITED SUPPORT via Phone / Email / Skype / Google Hangouts.  
    • PROACTIVE advice re relevant new tax/compliance risks & law changes.

    DIY (ie. "Do It Yourself") Packages include, as above except:
    • HELPDESK assistance & REVIEW of accounts and draft Income Tax & GST returns as/when requested only - ie. you're responsible for filing via myIR by due dates.    
    • NO TAX AGENCY LINKING.  ie. Not able to review actual Tax or ACC payment accounts or discuss dues/penalties etc with IRD or ACC on your behalf etc.

    > Additional charges & package details:   (all $ p/mth excl'g GST unless stated)
    • Included  Sole Trader, Company (Exempt Reporting), Partnership (Formal) or Trust (Special Reporting) Annual Accounts & Return Filing
      • +$15
          Per S'holder / Partner / Beneficiary's Personal Tax (non-IR3 other income only)
      • POA  LTCs, Overseas Income/Trustees etc
    • Included
        6 Monthly GST Reviews/Filing (Excl'g Landlords & Non-Active)
      • +$25
          2 Monthly Filing Period
      • -$15 or -$5
          Non GST Registered (Excl'g Landlords & Non-Active) as noted above
    • Included
        Annual Reporting
      • +$25
          Mid-Year Business Review & Mgmt Reports
      • +$95  2 Monthly Review & Mgmt Reporting
    • +$25  PAYE Compliance (1st employee)
      • +$15
          Per Additional
    • +$25  FBT / RWT / NRWT / AIL Compliance (per item/vehicle/loan etc)
    • +$125 p/hr  Other one-off Compliance related services
    • +$195 p/hr  Advisory, Planning & IR Audit related services

    * Monthly fixed fee plans may include an additional one-off charge re past period transactions.  Monthly fixed fees represent a spread charge re current period activity (Xero subs/Google Apps sheet customisation, professional advice & correspondence plus resulting future reporting, documentation & compliance re income/provisional tax and other applicable tax types.   Any fee adjustments will be considered on this basis.

    Quoted/Fixed Fee Business Advice:

    Please submit any question below relating to...

    • NEW ZEALAND TAX - Law & Compliance
    • Accounting & Bookkeeping PROCESSES
    • Using XERO
    • COMPANIES - Setup, Annual Filing & Closures
    • Company, Trust & Partnership RECORDS & DOCUMENTS
    • Creation or Review of Custom Google Apps/Drive SPREADSHEETS for related purposes 
    • Any OTHER related topics ...?
    ... and I will reply with a fixed fee no obligation quote for your consideration.  (Alternatively, email me directly: matt@microtax.co.nz)


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