Specialist in Online Chartered Accounting Services for
Wellington Contractors - IT, Film & City Roles 
... including your other related/other tax compliance (ie. company, trust, overseas, rental & investment requirements etc). 

Providing a professional 
NZ tax compliance service,
 100% cloud based
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      email:   matt@microtax.co.nz          skype:   matthewblair 
        local toll-free:   +64 4 889 2027        mobile/text:   +64 27 4707800 
    Fixed Fee Packages (all $ excl'g GST):  

    >  Freelancer / Consultant  from > $125 p/m incl'g Xero
          (ie. Multiple and/or overseas clients per year; diverse expenses etc)
          Incl'g Xero Starter (worth $27.50) & Receipt Bank sub'n (worth $19.95)    
          Or $150 incl'g Xero Standard plan (worth $55) & Receipt Bank
          Custom Google Drive tax calc's & forecasting template incl'd (as req'd)
          Discount rate for non-GST & <$60k inc: $75 p/m incl'g RB, excl'g Xero sub'n 

    >  Contractor (typical)  from > $75 p/m incl'g Receipt Bank sub'n (worth $19.95) 
          (ie. Single NZ client at a time & basic exps. Requiring invoicing)
          Custom Google Drive tax calc's & forecasting & invoicing template incl'd.
          Discount rate for non-GST & <$60k inc: $59 p/m  
    >  Contractor (w/h tax & non-invoicing)  from > $59 p/m incl'g Receipt Bank sub'n (worth $19.95) 
          ie. Schedular w/h tax deducted, reconcilable with IRD reports
          Custom Google Drive tax calc's & forecasting template incl'd
          Discount rate for non-GST & <$60k inc: $49 p/m    

    Packages include: 

    • Initial SETUP & ONGOING ASSISTANCE re use of software etc via phone, email or skype, as suits you.
    • TAX AGENCY LINKING.  ie. Extension of filing due dates and liaising with IRD & ACC on your behalf 
    • Preparation of ANNUAL ACCOUNTS incl'g Companies Act & Trust Law requirements (if applicable)
    • E-FILING of Income Tax, GST and other tax types (where possible)
    • PROACTIVE advice re relevant new tax/compliance risks & law changes
    • Not Included: IRD Audit compliance.  Refer options below

    Other/Discount Rates:   (all $ excl'g GST)

    • Trading Business  from > $199 p/m incl'g Xero unlimited plan
      • Incl'g Xero Standard plan (worth $55) & Receipt Bank sub'n (worth $19.95)
      • Discount rate for non-GST & <$60k inc: $115 p/m incl'g Xero Cashbook plan.
    • Under $25k Activity  from > $39 p/m incl'g Receipt Bank sub'n (worth $19.95) 
      • ie. Sole trader - other structures & Xero subs add'l
      • Re Residential Rentals: +$29 per additional properties.  AiRBnB from $49 p/m
      • Custom Google Drive tax calc's, forecasting & invoicing template incl'd
    • Under $10k Activity  from > $29 p/m incl'g Receipt Bank sub'n (worth $19.95) 
      • ie. Sole trader - other structures & Xero subs add'l
      • Custom Google Drive tax calc's, forecasting & invoicing template incl'd

    General Charges & Adjustments:   (all $ p/mth & excl'g GST)

    • Included  Sole Trader Accounts.  Added Fees for Company (SME Reporting), Partnership or Trust (Special Reporting) Annual Accounts, Resolutions & Compliance 
      • +$15
          Per Entity
      • +$15  Second or additional shareholder/partner/beneficiary personal returns
      • POA  Limited Partnerships, Overseas Income/Trustees etc
    • Included
        6 Monthly GST Reviews/Filing (Excl'g Landlords & Non-Active)
      • +$25
          2 Monthly Filing Period
        • +$15 additional using AIM prov tax system (2 mthly GST req'd) 
    • Included
        Annual Reporting
      • +$25
          Mid-Year Business Review & Mgmt Reports
      • +$95  2 Monthly Review & Mgmt Reporting
    • Employees: $5 p/payrun assistance +$5 p/PAYE filing per employee p/mth per level of assistance required (+ Xero plan upgrade cost if applicable)
    • Business Vehicle Methods: Included: Mileage Rate; +$7.50 Actual Costs/Nil FBT; +$15 FBT Payable p/vehicle p/mth
    • Other Tax Types: FBT (other than vehicle), RWT, NRWT or AIL compliance from +$15 per item p/mth
    • PTS & Part-Year Non-Res Returns from $150 p/return
    • $125 p/hr  Other one-off or IRD Audit related compliance 
      • IRD Audit Cover from +5% added fee (Confirmed POA) 
        • ie. added to existing fee per mth (excl'g Xero subs component) 
    • $175 p/hr  Advisory & Planning related services

    Note:  Monthly fixed fee plans may include an additional one-off charge re past period transactions.  Monthly fixed fees represent charge re current month activities requiring related compliance now or in future.   Any fee adjustments will be considered on this basis.

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